Arranjo De Flores De Papel Para Quarto de Noivos – Newlyweds Paper Flower Arrangement E35 ENG/ESP

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Another episode of Artlo and today I will show you a different paper flower It is the Peony flower is bigger than The Rose, it has more petals it is more showy and beautiful I'm doing this project with paper coffee filter because here is more difficult for us to find the crepe paper I would have to buy the Internet but I have a lot of paper at home and I'm using what I have and I am using this filter because everyone has access to it, but the ideal is to use crepe paper so here we have the materials to make this project The patterns of the petals and leaves you will find at the blog large and small petals about six paper coffee filters to make each flower green tissue paper for the leaves white and hot glue, pencil, brush, scissors, pliers, acrylic paint yellow toothpicks or appetizer sticks no matter the size and also rope (about 3 feet) to make the arrangement and also to make the core of the flowers.

Florist tape and also some plastic pearls that you have at home First take the paper filter paper and trace the petals For each flower you will need 4 small petals and 5 large petals also need the small and large leaves patterns You can use any qualities of the leaves that you want it will depend on you Take the largest petals And with the toothpick curl them like this both sides you can use the glue Use the hot glue Put the toothpick and hold be careful not to burn your finger Use the tape Florist right here at the base to finish it You can paint the core with acrylic yellow paint if you want This one I've painted I've painted with yellow paint using a brush Start glueing the small petal base And now you will curl the petal in the core It's the same way I did the Rose so the next petal slightly higher than the previous one start where you had stopped a little higher than the previous you will open a little more not to get too close now take the petals you wrapped and will glue the part is rolled out Do the same.

She'll be more open.

I choose this leaf I will stick very close to the flower, as I did with Rose use the tape and goes down to where you want Make several flowers I'll show you what I've done – Look how beautiful I grabbed the rope and I frayed the braid Down here I frayed it more to be fuller Put your hand on the rope and thus check the rope will pass the door handle With Frayed rope, tie Tie well Down here too You'll cut right at the base Apply hot glue Glue the flower leaning up will hang it'll be kind of tilted up so now you will glue as many flowers as you want so in my case I'll see maybe 3, 4 or 5 depends on the size of your rope I think too Long should not be very good.

This is the first time that I'm doing this project, then I'm doing a test.

How beautiful! Now let's get the pearls Paste them well randomly Pearl gives Brightness It's cute and classic And it gives a very delicate touch and necessary For a bride Glue beads on strings I've never seen this project I do not know if there is a project lie this.

if there is it is a coincidence but I'm sharing this my idea with my heart for you This project is very cheap and gives a touch very special.

Those are little things that women like.

Brides will love ! I'm sure ! If you liked this idea, leave a message for me here in the video ok? I want to know what you think Look how beautiful?! You saw that simplicity is that my dear! You can also put a ribbon on top to give a touch more classic I will not put here because I think it is so beautiful so I think I'm in love so here look at that thing so beautiful and I'll hang it on the door just to see how it will be I wanted to thank you for watching another episode If you like this video give a Thumbs Up here Subscribe the channel for more projects and news! A big kiss See you next time!.