Annual tulip festival in full bloom at Taean

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The petals of Korea's well-known cherry blossomshave all fallen to the ground.

but TULIPS are now in full bloom.

The second wave of spring flowers in this country.

our Kim Hye-sung went out to checkout the splendid red, yellow, purple and pink.


Red, yellow, purple, and pink,.

over three hundred varieties of tulips have revealedtheir colors and beauty here in Taean.

The brisk wind hasn't deterred locals andtourists, who are busy taking pictures of the flowers, including plenty of selfies.

"It's great to see such a variety of tulipsin one place, and I had quality time here with my wife, daughter and grandaughter.

" "These tulips are so pretty.

I took lots ofpictures today to capture the moment " Visitors can walk through the gardens as colorfultulips dance along with the wind.

"The theme of this years' tulip festival is'the Garden of Artists.

' More than one million tulips are blooming in harmony, creating abeautiful panorama.

" These tulips form images of famous art worksuch as Mona Lisa and well-known figures like Marilyn Monroe.

After sunset, tulips are lit by six million LED lights, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Taean Tulip Festival was selected as one ofthe world's top five tulip festivals last year and recognized for its advanced plantingtechnique.

And this year, Taean received a variety offlowers from Holland which are on display in the 'Netherlands Exhibition.

'Festival organizer Han Pyeong-hui says he expects more tourists to visit this year.

"More than 320-thousand tourists visited TaeanTulip Festival last year, creating an economic impact of around 35 million U.



This year, we expect more than 400-thousand to come visit, so more economic effect isexpected.

" Taean Tulip Festival runs from April the 16thto May the 8th, but the best time to see the tulips is from the last week of April to earlyMay.

Kim Hye-sung, Arirang News, Taean.

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