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So the winter is uh secretly a florist's dreamfor a wedding, because even though the flower choices and options are a little bit morelimited, you never ever have to worry about the flowers melting or the condition of theflowers like you do in the summer, for example.

So what a winter wedding is really a lovelytime, and you can get quite creative with winter flowers.

The big issue is to try andavoid the big major holiday in the winter, which is Christmas.

So although a lot of theflowers you're going to see in the market are red, are green, and you're going to seea lot of things like big amaryllis or even poinsettia, or things like that.

You reallywant to stay away from having a Christmas-looking wedding, particularly if Christmas isn't yourholiday.

So, an option in the winter is to do something I think is really beautiful,which is to do all whites and ivories, and if you want more texture or if you don't wantit to be too washed out, you can use a lot of greens.

I think that's a really beautifulpalette for winter.

You'll find other organic elements duringthe winter, like dusty miller, which has a nice grey, sort of soft hue.

It's a reallybeautiful option.

And in winter, you can think more about things like branches.

You're notgoing to have blossoming branches necessarily like you would in the spring, but you'll havea lot of interesting just spare branches, which I think really give a nice height anddrama to arrangements.

You can also think more about the containers you're using inthe winter.

So maybe use a palette that's very muted, like an all white or ivory palette,and then use a container that's got sparkle or shine to it, like a mercury glass withsilver.

And the winter's a really nice time to think about sparkles.

Again, without gettingtoo closely hued to Christmas.

You don't want anything that looks like anornament.

So if you use things like vintage brooches or crystals and incorporate thoseinto arrangements, winter's a really wonderful time to do that, especially because you'regoing to have a wedding that's probably indoors.

it's probably a more intimate setting.

Youcan have little elements like that, that bring your guests into the table, especially ina center piece.

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