8 Tips for Picking Wedding Centerpiece | Wedding Flowers

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So there are a lot of factors to considerwhen choosing a wedding centerpiece.

I always encourage people to think about the venuewhere they're getting married, and the style of wedding that they want to have, beforethey start making some of these smaller decisions, like about flowers.

So if you're getting marriedoutside, if you're getting married inside, what shape are the tables? What size are thetables? What's your budget? That's a really important question to ask yourself.

All of these mini-decisions can guide howyou want to go with your flowers, and for centerpieces, really the options are absolutelylimitless.

You can do something quite tall.

You can do something low.

You can do traditionalglass containers.

You can do vintage tins.

You can do found objects for centerpieces.

It's really whatever your imagination dictates.

The options are absolutely open to you.

Soit's really just about having a good conversation with your florist and collaborating with ideas.

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