7 Tips for Spring Wedding Flowers | Wedding Flowers

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Spring is a really fantastic time of yearto have a wedding, because you really have the greatest abundance of flowers in termsof the colors and in terms of the variety of blooms that you could use.

So spring isjust absolutely a cinch.

If you come to your florist and you say, "I'm having a weddingin the spring," they should certainly be filled with a warm feeling.

In spring, as with every season, really justgo with what's seasonal.

Go with what flowers are available in abundance.

In spring, that'sany kind of a bulb flower.

It's going to be absolutely everywhere, something like tulips.

Tulips are a great thing to use in the spring, because they are very inexpensive typically,and certainly in the spring they are quite inexpensive.

I feel like tulips really giveyou a nice bang for your buck.

Tulips are a flower that you can use in asleek fashion.

So when they're a little more closed, they have a really modern look.

Thenif you want to wait until tulips bloom a little bit or open a little bit, they have a morefluffy, kind of rose-like look to them.

So tulips are a great option, and there aremany, many other bulb flowers that are available in the spring that have a really cheerfullook, things like hyacinth.

They have a beautiful fragrance, and they're a bulb flower thatare available in abundance in the spring.

So anything that you would think about inyour classic idea of what is a flower that blooms in the spring, lilies, tulips, hyacinth,those kinds of bulb flowers are really a great option for the spring.

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