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White wedding flowers.

There is such a widearray of white that's available really all year round that certainly you can count onwhite in any season.

The trick is to open your mind a little bit and to consider alsoivory shades and to consider white in all its various hues.

Sometimes I have a bridewho will come to me and actually have a swatch.

She'll have a swatch of either her dress ora bridesmaid dress, particularly when it comes to white and wanting to match white flowerswith a white piece of fabric or a white ribbon.

It's never a good idea.

The best idea is to try and have white flowerswith a dress that's not actually white.

If you have a wedding dress that's ivory andyou have white, white flowers, the flowers are going to look more bright white than yourdress and vice versa.

If you have a very bright white dress, you can have flowers that reallyrange in flowers from white to ivory.

If you're interested in matching exactly, you're goingto be disappointed.

To be open to the possibility that flowers come in their natural state ina whole wide range of white colors and to have a bouquet that is going to be a rangeof those whites, a range of ivories.

It also gives it a little more texture.

Another thing to consider with white flowers,particularly in terms of bouquets, is that it's a really nice idea to add some pop ofsome color, again, to give it more texture, to make the bouquet a little more vibrant,and to break up the space a little bit.

Certainly with centerpieces this is also helpful.

Considerfor an all-white, monochromatic look adding a little bit of purple, a little bit of grey,maybe a little bit of brown, something to give it just a little bit of pop of something.

I think you'll be really pleased, even more pleased than say with a totally monochromaticspectrum for the white.

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