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There are really two ways to go when thinkingabout bridesmaid bouquets.

You can do bridesmaid bouquets that are really just sort of a miniatureversion of the bridal bouquet.

That's always a sweet idea, very traditional.

You have alarger, more elaborate bridal bouquet and then you have bridesmaids that are just thatsame arrangements but slightly smaller or with a different color ribbon or somethingthat sort of in a mild way distinguishes them from the bridal bouquet.

Another idea that I really like is to do bridesmaidbouquets that are all one flower.

Maybe take several of the flowers that are in the bridalbouquet and choose maybe four or five of them.

For each of your individual bridesmaids doan all one-flower bouquet so that each bridesmaid is totally unique and has an individual look.

It's a really fun way to incorporate individuality into the wedding, because often you're goingto have bridesmaids who are all wearing the same dress.

They feel like they have the samehair, the same makeup, but that their flowers could be a little bit different, althoughit's picking up some element of the bridal bouquet.

That way also then the bride is very,very special.

The bride has her own bouquet that's like nobody else's.

That's a reallysweet idea for bridesmaid bouquets.

You could also do bridesmaid bouquets thatare just picking up on the color or the palette of the bridal bouquet.

So the bride againis very unique and special and is highlighted.

Then the bridesmaids have, let's say, thebridal bouquet has reds and oranges and yellows in it, then one bridesmaid has an orange bouquet,one bridesmaid has a red bouquet.

You can pick up some more array of palette that way.

Bridesmaid bouquets are a way to have fun.

It really should be dictated by the bride.

If you feel you want to be unique and specialand have your bouquet be a singular element of the wedding, wonderful.

There are otherways that you can distinguish the bridesmaids and make them feel special as well.

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