4 Tips for a Crystal Bead Bouquet | Wedding Flowers

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Crystal bead bridal bouquets can be a reallyinteresting way to give some sparkle and shine to your wedding flowers.

You can really choosea range.

You could decide to do a bridal bouquet that's entirely made from, let's say broochesor beads, that's not flowered at all.

That's not organic at all.

That's completely madeof something inorganic.

Or you can do something sort of fun, whichis to incorporate either crystal beads or any kind of vintage jewelry into a bouquet,of actually organic elements like flowers.

We do that sometimes and I think it's a reallybeautiful way to go.

Typically, it's something that's a more vintage look, so something alittle bit Victorian, with a nice little surprise in the center.

It's got a crystal bead or something sparklingor shining that just catches your eye.

Another tradition that's really nice is, we have brideswho are Catholic and who use a rosary, and they incorporate that into the bouquet.

That'sa really sweet way to go, especially if that's a tradition that's important to you.

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