2016 Barbie Fashionistas Doll Review of Fancy Flowers #20

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What's going on my wonderful dolly fans Gypsiein the house with another Broken Barbie TV fashion doll review! I'm doingsomething a little different today.

it's mid December in coastal North CarolinaI moved here recently from New York and I gotta tell you, this weather isphenomenal I'm on my porch chillin with my dollys wearing a tank top and some shorts 'cause it's sunny and beautiful in this beach area today I thought you guys might like to enjoy the lovelyweather with me so we're gonna bang out this review right outside.

comment ifyou think I should do it like this more often.

I happened to pick up thisfly fashionistas doll at Walmart for a whopping $8.

this is number20, Fancy Flowers.

I've shown her pictures to you guys on the back of someother doll boxes.

at first I wasn't sure I wanted her until I saw her in person.

sheis too pretty I love her deep choco skin color and icouldn't say no to her so here she is.

her packaging is simple yet elegant, blackand white cardboard backing and a flower print.

just like the other fashionistasshe's got a picture of the dolls in this line showing on the back of the package.

She has a very dark complexion, much darker than Grace.

she's the same coloras the Chandra character from the So In Style series.

here is a fashion pack Ialso grabbed by the way.

not going to open it right now but it will show itto you when I do so here's a sneakie peekie for you guys side note I removed her from the box dudeI don't know I why did this but I totally sniffed this doll when I took her out.

Who used to do thisas a kid? I have been collecting since the 1990's, I remember them having thisdistinctive smell on their vinyl and that was part of the rush or excitementof you know taking your dolls out of the box when you got new barbies so I was justreminded of that while I was removing her when I sniffed her.

I really don't know why I did that but for the record she did have that newBarbie smell y'all know what i'm talking about, Fancy Flowers here is wearing some bluestrappy pumps with her toes visible there is a little design on it and sometextured heels the dress is a one piece it's bright yellow with a bunch ofpurple tone flowers printed on it I like the dress but not on her.

the accessories don'treally match this dress it looks kind of tacky maybe a little too colorful forher complexion I don't know it just looks like it would be cuter on another doll she doesn't haveany other accessories or clothing and there is no doll stand customary tofashionistas dolls these days she has a peculiar pose I haven't seen any with this pose yetbut i dont have every fashionista's doll so I'm not sure if this pose was used onthem before it is a cute pose but it's just unusual let's take a look at hergorgeous face she's got the same face sculpt as the 2015 fashionista doll calledPants So Pink watch my review on that doll to see her details this is one of my favorite face sculpts onthe browns skin dolls her eyes are medium brown color with somehighlights she has no eye make up except for a black liner her lips are a magentacolor she has teeth showing but no goofy smile her lips are very plump and full she has a cute distinct nose shape I love this face sculpt especially because of the nose and she'sso natural-looking like I can imagine a real woman with these features so I lovethat about this doll her hair is quite long its waist length the hair is wavy at the topand very curly towards the middle and the bottom.

this doll's hair can bestretched to see the true length if you wanna straighten her here you will get alot of length out of it.

the material is saran hair which is very good quality doll hairand there is some gel in it but you can wash it out with cold water to retainthe curls the texture is ultra soft and easy to manage it reminds me of thatreally light skinned Nikki fashionista doll with the blonde fro similar hair butthis hair is a lot softer and silkier than hers we're gonna take a look at her body now this iswhat it looks like she's got an unusual pose I haven't seen yet it looks like aModel Muse pose one part of her torso or the hip is sticking out and one legs is bentin this weird way where it curves inward have you guys seen this pose on a fashionistaalready her posture stands out to me it's really cute but it's not very functionalbut that's nothing new with fashionistas they don't have good joint for posing orplaying these are more or less display dolls these two two bent arms are so awkward she looks like a mental patient when shetries to sit if you get this doll for your child I'm telling you now they're gonna getfrustrated quick trying to sit her down to dinner or place her in a car or re-dressher in certain clothing.

why Mattel.

Why you do this? the body is beautiful but she would need astand to stand upright with these crazy feet I don't even know how you're supposed tobalance this poor doll.

make the dolls affordable Mattel but can you also make themfunctional? just.

just try? let me put it out there now she was a real headache to re-dressbecause of her bent elbow.

putting long sleeves on her that required her armsbeing pulled backwards was like damn near impossible I will not keep her onthis body because I'm not the kind of collector who keeps their dolls in oneposition all the time I need to pose my dolls so it'll be a challenge to re-bodyher because of her dark skin and these complexions are not readily availablein jointed dolls but you can try a So In Style Chandra if you can find thesediscontinued dolls for a decent price or try a pretty girls doll the darkest skin tone might work wellthese dolls retail anywhere between fifteen to twenty five dollars and youcan only buy them online so try one of those here's a little tip you can re-paintyour doll shoes if we don't like how they originally looked I did this with someshoes I had duplicates of or the pink shoes because I hate pink and I needed morecolors to match my dolls outfits so I just want to share that tip with you guys use acrylic paint try not to use markers on your doll clothes because the ink could stain yourdolls and it wouldn't be removable so you can find cheap acrylics at Walmart fora dollar or so in tons of colors Vraiment here says hi to all of our BrokenBarbie Show fans by the way he's got some new episodes coming your way soon ok I can'ttake it anymore I gotta put her on a new body she's like a pretty chick with nobrains.

what good is you? you're great to look at but how are you gonna keep me engaged? Sohere is Royal who is a 2015 fashionista on a So In Style Chandra body with jointed knees that don'tpivot I like these because they are way sturdier than those pivotal knees that theyhave now.

let's do a quick switch.

now you see how her body and her face match? shetotally comes to life on a jointed body.

I named Fancy Flowers "Tyree Indigo"after one of my sims 3 characters with dark chocolate skin like her oh yes shout out to the real young ladynamed Royal who this doll is named after Can you believe l even know somebody who looks likethis? she is beautiful.

she is one of the actors on my son's channel FUN WITH JEENU.

So watch his videos and see if you can spot real-life Royal.

So if you guys love Tyree and you want your own fancy flowers fashionista, comment below thatyou think we should do a giveaway and I will grab another one from our local storebut you gotta do it quickly before they sell out of her in my area.

(haha) If I get atleast 10 people or so saying that they want her I will go and get her for you guys.

Overall my only complaint for this doll was her queer body with no functional joints other than that she'sperfect she's gorgeous she's too fabulous notto have in any collection, especially if you are looking to diversify.

at a lowprice of $8 or so, you can't go wrong with Fancy Flowers.

So go to wal-mart target orToys R Us to find her.

check out Amazon too 'cause they have her for a low price.

atleast at the time I film this, they did.

Thank you for watching be sure to follow and interact with meGypsie, on Twitter and Instagram, where you guys where you guys can see pictures updates and other Broken Barbie News, Asalways, we want to hear from you guys in the comments because we love to discussdolly things with you all.

so meet us in the comments and I will talk to you later.

now go spend some quality time with your sweet fashion dolls and remember to have a dolly day.

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