10 Ways to Use Tulip Color Shot

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Hey guys, you may remember a few weeks ago I made some DIY onesies for Meghan's twins.

I was using the Tulip Color Shotfabric sprays and they're back on sale today.

So I've gone ahead and challengedMeghan, Claudia and Megan the 3rd to each use these sprays in three different ways.

You'll see it used for home decor, petDIYs and fashion.

So let's check it out and see what theycame up with.

Since Color Shots sprays pair perfectlywith stencils I decided to create a DIY canvas.

Then I used the black Color Shot spray to create this DIY quote board and topped it offwith a painted clothespin.

And to add color to a plain chair, I created thisseat cushion in less than five minutes.

Color Shots sprays dry quickly andsoft to the touch.

Since Color Shots sprays work well withnatural and synthetic fibers I used them to make this custom toy bin for Penny.

And to give her a colorful accessory, I used Color Shot on fabric and made this bandana.

And don't forget about your cat, Give it a colorful place to rest with this custom cat cave.

I used the Color Shot sprays tocustomize my look from head to toe.

Starting with my monogramed hat.

To my personalized message tank.

All the way down to my colorful shoes and laces.

And the best part is they're all washable! I seriously love all of those ideas.

Between the DIY onesies and everything you just saw that's ten differentways to use the Tulip Color Shot fabric sprays.

So make sure you check them out at Blitsy and let us know what you come up with.

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