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Fall is really one of my favorite seasonsfor wedding flowers.

I love fall because you have a lot of greens and other organic elementsthat provide a lot of texture for arrangements that are available.

You can always use thingsthat are seasonal like gourds, pumpkins, you know pods, and berries.

Fall is the time ofyear when you can incorporate all of those things that make you kind of want to reachout and touch an arrangement or feel an arrangement and examine it more closely because there'ssomething unusual or interesting or different about it.

Uhm so, I always encourage people to use colorsthat are seasonal, but you have to be really careful in fall not to get too into thingslike Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Those are the big holidays in the fall and sometimesflowers and decorative elements can go way that way.

So if you're using, for example,mini-pumpkins at your wedding think about using an alternative like a white mini-pumpkinor a grey mini-pumpkin, something that doesn't totally scream Halloween or Thanksgiving.

If you're getting close to the Thanksgivingholiday, maybe avoid colors like orange and brown, but do something a little more mutedlike some ivories or some tan colors, use a lot of greens.

It's okay to get away fromwhat's traditional at that time of year, but to still work within what's seasonal.

I reallylove the fall and, again, to collaborate with your florist and to let them tell you what'savailable, pods, berries, greens, those kinds of things you might not even know are availablethat your florist will know are something that they can grab at the market.

So collaborating with your florist is alwaysa really important factor.

In the fall season it's a great idea to let your florist talkto you about what they're finding at the market that's fresh and that's seasonal.

They mayhave some ideas for things like greens or branches or other kinds of elements that youmight not even have thought of.

Fall is a great time for that.

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