Корзина из шаров / Basket of balloons (Subtitles)

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Hello everybody 🙂 today we are going to make such a basket we can put a bunch of flowers in it and place such a butterfly to make such a basket we need 8 balloons of one color (fuchsia) and 2 balloon of other color (pink) for this border so, let's begin 🙂 stretch well balloons inflate 6 balloons on 75 cm (about 6 fingers) tie them in pairs twist we've got all the knots are in one bunch make 8 cm bubble and soft pinch on the all 6 balloons now make 9 cm bubbles roll over the pinch and change balloon again 9 cm bubble roll over the next pinch and change balloon make tiny bubble on about 2 cm not more, or the holes will be make 8 cm bubble hold it, make here the same tiny bubble and roll over so squeeze again make 8 cm bubble hold it tiny bubble here roll over and continue to make the same way around last bubble need to be passed through here they may be spread like this and pass balloon through the hole next ring.

here we stopped, but will start there so never start at the same place so the basket not to skew now, make 7 cm bubble hold it again tiny bubble and continue around here spread again and pass through next ring will be the same – 7 cm bubbles and do the same way now we will increase 8 cm bubbles skip two bubbles back and start from here now 10 cm bubbles that's done and the last row will be on 12 cm now, take a needle and pierce the thickening of the tip until they were not deflated need to make small pinches take pink balloon on about 100 cm turn around one pinch make bubble like this where the pinch ends and turn around the pinch we get a sagging bubble twist here turn around the pinch we get a sagging bubble squeeze and continue around now these tips can be completely deflated now make the bottom border take balloon on about 70 cm turn around the pinch twist here (where is center of pinch) and turn around the pinch again squeeze, continue to make the same way around now correct these bubbles so they lay down in one plane now, make a handle inflate two balloons a bit more then meter tie them together and turn them both at the same time in one direction intercept, turn tie the ends pass the pinch trough balloons and hide it so it can be turned more here do the same way put on the pinch and hide pinch down fix the form if somewhere unrolled it can be turned more take the daisies and put them into our basket we can roll up here correct there so they lay tighter and drop them lower tie the butterfly so, that's basket we've got 🙂 Thank You for attention 🙂 and bye-bye :).

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