Кокичето и лалето / The snowdrop and the tulip

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Once upon a time there were a snowdrop and a tulip.

They wanted to be friends very much.

But there was a problem.

The former grew up at the beginning of the spring and the latter in the middle of it.

One of them said:- Let’s grow up together and thus we’ll be friends.

– But how can we do it? – asked the tulip.

– Like that – answered the snowdrop.

– We are going to try to do it.

The fact that we grow during different times of the season does not mean we cannot be friends.

– Even though we do not see each other, I will never forget you! – said the tulip.

– So do I – answered the snowdrop.

Once a great misfortune befell the tulip.

Sadly, the snowdrop could not help it.

The tulip was in trouble because a person wanted to pick it.

The snowdrop called an ant and told it: – My friend, the tulip, has got into trouble.

I want you to go and to bite a person who wants to pick it! – Ok, agreed the ant and arrived in time.

It bit the man.

The person screamed.

The tulip thanked the ant.

The snowdrop, the tulip and the ant got together.

Became friends.

Thus, nobody used to go to this glade to pick flowers because the man had told everybody that there were bears there.

And the flowers were not afraid that anybody would hurt or pick them.

All this happened with the help of the ant that bit the man.

– Thank you very much! See you again – said the two flowers.

The ant thanked them too.

Like that, they became friends for the whole of their lives and they always helped each other when in trouble.

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